ASPIRE in the LTiCloud

Lessors of all sizes now have access to the same powerful asset finance solution used by leading banks, independents, and captives. Streamline efficiently, configure easily, and scale affordably with ASPIRE in the LTiCloud.

  • Comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
  • Full origination and portfolio management solutions in one system
  • Integrations with third-party vendors
  • Ability to support a wide array of asset classes
  • Adaptable for all market types and industries
  • SOC I & II compliant
  • Rigorous security protocols ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data are always maintained

Competitive Advantages of a True SaaS Solution

Affordable Scalability

ASPIRE is a scalable asset finance solution that protects your business and leaves room for changing priorities – providing you opportunities to explore new markets, create new products, and expand your company without new infrastructure.

Reduce Administration Time & Cost

ASPIRE provides services to reduce your administration time. Take advantage of tools such as period-end processing, batch file handling, and automation.

Dedicated Test Environment

With a purchase of a test environment, you can build new integrations, train staff, and perform quality assurance to test specific features and capabilities without worrying about compatibility issues.

Smooth Deployment & Onboarding

An easy-to-use platform that simplifies the user experience and gives you access to the best asset finance tools available. LTi hosts several demos and in-house training to ensure customers have a smooth onboarding and deployment.

Cloud Solution

Our flexible, secure cloud solution allows you to set up a virtual office that gives you the flexibility of running your business anywhere, any time.

Disaster Recovery Plan

LTi offers several disaster recovery options that support organizations of all sizes. Rapid recovery of cloud applications ensures a quick return to normal business operations.

Automatic Upgrades

LTi strategically rolls out upgrades for ASPIRE customers where they can get access to new features, functionality, and enhanced performance. You decide if and when you want to add new features.

Third-Party Partnerships

By combining software platforms such as credit integration tools or tax engines into one system, LTi provides a wide array of services that tailor to your market and offerings, streamline business operations, and eliminate stress on your project teams.


What’s the Difference Between SaaS and Cloud Solution?

With a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution such as ASPIRE, our engineers secure and maintain servers, storage, databases, and software over the cloud to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and scalability. ASPIRE helps you lower operating costs, run operations more efficiently, and scale your business as it changes.

Other non-SaaS cloud solutions typically mean the infrastructure is managed and maintained by the customer. Customers become responsible for reoccurring costs for managing the software application, underlying infrastructure, and handling any maintenance.

ASPIRE is different! It simplifies your operations with cost-efficient asset finance solutions.


Looking for more as a big bank or needing less as a smaller independent? Look no further. ASPIRE modernizes all your challenges and needs.

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