Lessors of all sizes now have access to the same powerful asset finance solution used by leading banks, independents, and captives.


Looking for more as a big bank or needing less as a smaller independent? Look no further. ASPIRE modernizes all your challenges and needs.

Our Values

 We are problem solvers. ASPIRE is built on the foundation of developing cutting-edge asset finance solutions and integrated to streamline your business.


Who We Are

The Market-Leading Asset Finance Technology Solution Provider


Share of Monitor Top 100


Share of Monitor Bank 50


Share of Top 25 Independents

About LTi

LTi Technology Solutions proudly serves leading asset finance companies with advanced asset finance solutions for over three decades. With over thirty years of experience in providing cutting-edge asset finance solutions to the asset finance industry, we partner with companies to solve their unique and diverse business challenges.

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Our comprehensive asset finance solution taps into identifying your organization’s challenges and constraints and then delivers solutions to propel your organization forward. With our deep history in the asset finance industry, LTi remains a leader in providing innovative asset finance solutions to asset finance companies worldwide.

Stay Connected with LTi

Asset Finance Industry Associations

Attending trade shows, conferences, and asset finance affiliations helps us stay connected to LTi’s mission in creating efficiency-driven asset finance solutions within the asset finance industry. We are passionate about sharing ideas and developing new asset finance solutions for businesses to build and sustain their growth in an ever-evolving industry – as well as sharing our extensive 30-year expertise in building cutting-edge asset finance solutions.

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